Generation Z Wants To Own Homes | Could Disrupt The Housing Industry

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Generation Z Wants To Own Homes | Could Disrupt The Housing Industry

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We Learn Surprising Facts About Millennials and Gen Z It stands to reason that these differences can also extend to differences in approach, such as making important purchases like financial products, housing, and health insurance. The United States was built on small businesses, and it is no surprise that owners range in ages from Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, to Baby boomers.

Together, millennials and Gen Z comprise roughly 32% of the global population . But, are the decision-makers in government, planning and policy connected enough to the next generation of voters and workers (and courageous enough to see beyond the current voters’ wants) to shape cities of the future that the next generations will want and need?

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it is likely that the first human to live for a 1,000 years is already born and most likely part of Gen Z. The media today discussMillennials as the ‘disru ptive’ generation digital technologies (e.g. internet and using mobile) to change things, but Gen Z is poised to disrupt our world and redefine every aspect of life including business.

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